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tidymodels is a “meta-package” for modeling and statistical analysis that shares the underlying design philosophy, grammar, and data structures of the tidyverse.

It includes a core set of packages that are loaded on startup:

  • broom takes the messy output of built-in functions in R, such as lm, nls, or t.test, and turns them into tidy data frames.

  • dials has tools to create and manage values of tuning parameters.

  • dplyr contains a grammar for data manipulation.

  • ggplot2 implements a grammar of graphics.

  • infer is a modern approach to statistical inference.

  • parsnip is a tidy, unified interface to creating models.

  • purrr is a functional programming toolkit.

  • recipes is a general data preprocessor with a modern interface. It can create model matrices that incorporate feature engineering, imputation, and other help tools.

  • rsample has infrastructure for resampling data so that models can be assessed and empirically validated.

  • tibble has a modern re-imagining of the data frame.

  • tune contains the functions to optimize model hyper-parameters.

  • workflows has methods to combine pre-processing steps and models into a single object.

  • yardstick contains tools for evaluating models (e.g. accuracy, RMSE, etc.).

A list of all tidymodels functions across different CRAN packages can be found at

You can install the released version of tidymodels from CRAN with:


Install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("pak")

When loading the package, the versions and conflicts are listed:

#> ── Attaching packages ────────────────────────────────────── tidymodels 1.2.0 ──
#> ✔ broom        1.0.5      ✔ recipes      1.0.10
#> ✔ dials        1.2.1      ✔ rsample      1.2.0 
#> ✔ dplyr        1.1.4      ✔ tibble       3.2.1 
#> ✔ ggplot2      3.5.0      ✔ tidyr        1.3.1 
#> ✔ infer        1.0.6      ✔ tune         1.2.0 
#> ✔ modeldata    1.3.0      ✔ workflows    1.1.4 
#> ✔ parsnip      1.2.1      ✔ workflowsets 1.1.0 
#> ✔ purrr        1.0.2      ✔ yardstick    1.3.1
#> ── Conflicts ───────────────────────────────────────── tidymodels_conflicts() ──
#> ✖ purrr::discard() masks scales::discard()
#> ✖ dplyr::filter()  masks stats::filter()
#> ✖ dplyr::lag()     masks stats::lag()
#> ✖ recipes::step()  masks stats::step()
#> • Learn how to get started at


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